Emlsey Jordan Von Dette


"The Siren of Sound Healing"

The soul of a siren.

The voice of an angel.

I’m an artist, singer song-writer, music producer, and sound shaman! I go by the Siren of Sirius as it perfectly suits my little siren singing soul! People have always told me my voice is healing, soothing, and uplifting. My fans say it instantly puts them at ease and helps them feel more balanced and at peace. 

So I feel it is my duty and pleasure to share the science behind sound frequency by bringing my gifts of music to the world! My mission is to provide PROOF we can use MUSIC AS MEDICINE to restore a peaceful flow to the body, mind, & soul!

Heaven is waiting for HUE:mans to wake up and realize it's already HERE!  Crystals, emeralds, gold, silver... all the materials of Heaven exist HERE on EARTH! So why wait to DIE to get there when we can build Heaven RIGHT HERE and NOW!?!?! In the begin was "the word" - SOUND! So you see music
is the foundation of Heaven and the magic that holds it all together.
Its how we rid ourselves of dis-ease and all live in HARMONY! The world we live in definitely needs a tune up! Specific bioharmoinc frequencies affect us at the cellular level and allows us to retrain our neural pathways as well as open 
our hearts to release paterns of resistance and create an electromagnetic rainbow bridge that assist us in manifesting our souls highest potential!

"The Siren of Sirius"

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My Music:

I recently moved to the City of Angels - Los Angeles, CA to pursue my passion in creating musical medicine! I'm currently revamping EVERYTHING and shifting to a whole new level! However you can still check out some of my old tunes I've produced.

Right now I'm behind the scenes connecting and collaborating on some mind blowing musical magic! I'm teaming up with Andrew Colombini who is an amazing music producer and sound healer to create music specifically for the sound lounge! Our desire is to take you on a fully immersive voice interactive journey into your soul and float within its galaxy-SEAS!' 

Why the "Siren of Sirius"?

People have always been amazed by my profound wisdom & creative abilities and ask "who are you?! What planet are you from!?!?" I used to have no clue how to answer this question as as I was simply just being MYSELF! Until one day I stopped to stare up at the brightest star in our sky, Sirius, and ask - WHO AM I and why am I here!?!?! What is my purpose!?!?! Why do I see the world differently and I feel like I was dropped off on this planet and didn't really belong here!?!?!

After years of confirmations by divine synchronicities, personal experiences, and hours of inner reflection and meditations...

 now I have an answer... it sounds crazy... but normal people don't make into the history books! 


I would best describe myself and my soul by saying I feel like I am a crystalline “mermaid” merkaba activated water/light being from the star system of Sirius currently (re)incarnated inside of a human body on earth!!! I also have a strong connection to Atlantis and Lumira and have receivied many downloads and visions of the long lost ancient crystalline civilizations. I have a vast understanding of pyramids and the Goddess Isis as the Queens Chamber of Isis points to the star system of Sirius.

I've traveled and researched ancient civilizations, mined my own quartz crystals, dabble with Tesla technology, free energy, sacred geometry, sound frequency, etc. and recognize their importance in our human evolution. 

My Book:

A work in progress lol! Through my adventures and life altering experiences I have come across a cornucopia of knowledge that has inspired me to work on writing a book called:

The Blueprints to Building Heaven on Earth

The HUE:man (Re)volution

Free Energy Quartz Crystal Powered Civilizations