Vibrational Sound Healing

& Aromatherapy Massage

Tap In 

"Relax your body, Ease your mind,


& Tune Up


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       Tucked away in the City of Angels you can easily escape the hustle & bustle by escaping into the Sanctuary of Sounds. Just lay back & relax… ahhhh! Enjoy the ultimate “good vibes” with vibrational sound healing, light massage, & aromatherapy. Emsley Von Vibe takes you on a vibrational musical voyage which allows you to dive deep within to tune up those heart strings and tap into your inner bliss.  


    Take a ride on the waves of good vibes - Literally! Experience the V.I.B.E.S. (Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement Systems) created by Dr. Steven Schwartz & his company Bioharmonic Technologies. The VIBES produce certain vibrational sound frequencies that are specifically designed to nurture your body, balance your mind, and soothe your soul. FEEL what it’s like to have musical medicine vibrate, stimulate, and activate you at a cellular level. Paired with pleasant aromatherpy oils & light massage the VIBES allow you to quickly drop in for an easy way to refresh, recharge, and rejuvenate! 

• Relieve Stress and Anxiety 

• Balance Your Nervous System 

• Clear Cellular Memory 

• Restore Mental Clarity 

• Stimulate Positive Biochemistry 

• Activate Cellular Regeneration

 • Promote Deeper Sleep


Emsley Von Vibe